About Us

Who We Are

Meng Choon Motor Trading, headquartered in Johor, Malaysia, stands as a distinguished name in the realm of used motorcycle parts and accessories. With over two decades of dedicated service, our specialization lies in being a reliable supplier catering to a diverse range of bikes, including sport bikes, cruisers, easy riders, and scooters. Over the years, we have garnered invaluable expertise and experience in the industry, establishing ourselves as a trusted source for high-quality parts and accessories for various motorcycle models.

At Meng Choon Motor Trading, our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver top-notch products that meet the needs of motorcycle enthusiasts and riders. Our extensive experience in this niche market has enabled us to understand the unique requirements of different bike types, ensuring that we provide tailored solutions and a wide array of parts and accessories that cater to the distinct preferences of our customers.